Food is essential, and I have some foods at a good price for you in the early new year!


On January 2nd and 3rd, 11 am sharp to 4 pm, I will be setting up a pickup point OUTSIDE of our licensed production facility at 400 Industrial Avenue and will be able to use contactless methods for payment and exchange of goods! Look for the white tent. Remain distanced, masked, and please know that no one can enter the building, just the lot. Thanks kindly.


In order to make the deals available to as many folks as possible, certain items may have limits. Most things will not have limits.

A small word:

Everyone is welcome and I appreciate you, BUT! please do not phone, ask for holds, early bird, or become angry if I sell out of something. I will do my best to get folks some deals, but it is first come first serve, and we do sell out of things because the prices are low, and we are clearing out stock. Please follow COVID19 protocols. There will be some parking available in the little lot, but street parking is advised.

The LIST!!


All whole damn roasts: $16, reg $35/40
Toorkie Cutlets: $4, reg $12
All No Ha(r)m Roast, sliced, glazed: $6, reg $14-16
Apple Cider: $2, reg $8
NeggNog $4, reg $8
Perfect Gravy: $6, reg $15
Cherries: $13, reg $20
All preserves and pickles, except cherries, buy one, get TWO - mix and match.

All Soap: 2/$7, reg $5/6 each
Lotion: $15, reg $22


Cheddah Lg: $15, reg $20
Cheddah Sm: $8, reg $12
No Harmesano $10, reg $12
BacUn Lg: $15, reg $20
BacUn Sm: $8, reg $12
BacUn Bitz: $6 reg $12
Franks: $4. reg $8
Porkornot Nawsages: $6, reg $11
ChickUN Cubevlaki: $10, reg $12
ChickUN Cutlets: $6, reg $12
Pulled PNOrk: $6, reg $12
Mixed Ground Meats: $7, reg $10
PepperNOni: $6, reg $9
Wack Forest Ham: $5, reg $8
Not Rods: BOGO
No Harm Roast Slices: $6, reg $14-16

Thai Style Curry: $11 reg $14
All soups and stews, except Thai: $9, reg $12

Kim Chi: $10, reg $12
Sauerkraut: $5, reg $10