Read this post, please!  It contains the answers to most FAQs.

Orders received by MON, JULY 27th at 6AM are delivered on Wednesday, JULY 29TH.

We are delivering to Vancouver Downtown, East, South, North and West Vancouver,  Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody, New Westminster, Maple Ridge, Richmond, Surrey, Delta, Ladner, Langley.

The delivery process is contactless. We call ahead and meet you at safe distances outside, or place your order in a bin or spot you provide without engaging with keypads, doorknobs, etc.  

All meals are $12. The minimum for delivery is $68. We now are adding a very small $4 delivery/fuel surcharge because of increased traffic and gas prices for deliveries outside of Vancouver THAT ARE LESS THAN $100.  

Wednesday pickup from outside the facility is available. Meals have an option of 7% off by request when picking up. 

To order, email a list of your choices to
plantbasefood@gmail.com. Orders sent anywhere else, such as FB or IG messages are not likely to be filled. No offense, just too hard to track! (Double-check that email spelling, no d on base, no s on food)


Name + Delivery Address -  or just say “for pickup” if picking up.
*Phone Number* if you are requesting delivery, we must have a contact #.
E-transfer payment preferred, credit card by invoiced pay link also accepted. We send an invoice with payment options after receiving your order. Please declare allergens or sensitivities in this email and know that we do use ingredients with gluten, soy, sesame, nuts, etc.

Complete meals have an all caps code to help make ordering meals easier. To select meals, put them first in your list via email and use the format “2xPNUTSAL,  1x GBBLWRAP , “ to keep it simple. Use all caps for meal codes as shown, friends!  Anything else on our lists- just use the name and add it to your list after the meals. Meals must be eaten or frozen within 3 days of delivery. When reheating, heat thoroughly to 75C before eating. All items will be dated with expiry. DON’T FORGET! If you need any of our other products, we have them and can add them to your order. 


NATBUNS: Original Potato/PepperNOni/Cheese NATBUNS! Served with Ceasar Salad.
PNUTSAL: Delicious Peanut Sauce on a bed of Vermicelli and Veg, served with fried Tempeh and crunchy topping
NEW!  GBBLWRAP: An amazing Toorkie Salad Wrap ( Coronation Style) with Ceasar salad!      
BOLGETI: Mixed Roasted Veg and Ground Meats Bolognaise- WITH THREE CHEESE TOPPING! with Garlic Toast
BLANCMAC: Classic White Tigerzord Mac and Cheese with Broccoli, Caremelized Onion, No Harmesano and Caper topping, served with Garlic Toast
BACMAC: Cheddah MacNChz topped with an amazing fried bacUN topping. 
NACHOBOX: Layers and layers of perfectly seasoned meaty/saucy/cheesey mexicali foods- you just need some chips and it’s ready! 
NEW! THAIDIN: Thai Curry and Rice with a Side of Peanut  fried tofu salad and Herbs with Fysh Sauce
SALTEMP: salad/vegetable/cold sides plus delicious tempeh cubes
NEW! RUEBEN:  Specially Prepared Wack Forest Ham, Tigerzord, and kraut grilled sandwich with tots and side salad.
BREKBOX: TofuScramble, Tots, Baked BacUN Beans, Fruit Cup, full sized Breakfast Sausage

FUKIE: Berry Glazed cake/cookie hybrid- made with tofu - delicious! $3
RAOB: Strawberry Rhubarb Oat Bar $4
BARG: Its a big awesome soft and chewy granola bar with some crunch to it as well! $4

GROWL: 1L growler of Culture Craft Kombucha $12 (revolving surprise flavours, really lovely kombucha flavoured with local organic ingredients.)


Cheez, Spready things:

Cheddah $12/$20
Tigerzord: $13
No-Harmesano $12

Meatish things:

BacUN: $12 /$20
BacUN Bits: $12
DAMN!Burgers: $12
ChickUN Cubevlaki: $12
ChickUN Cutlets: $12
Wack Forest Ham: $8
PepperNOni: $9
Texas BBQ Rybs: $10 or 2/$17
Mixed Ground Meatz: $10
Jackfruit/Seitan Pulled Poork: $12
Porkornot Nawsages, Chipotle or
Smokey Maple Breakfast style: $11
IMA V Franks: $8
Notrods, 2pc $6, or 3x2pc/ $16

Probiotic Foods, sauces, misc:

Kimchi: $12
Slavic Sauerkraut: $10
Woo! Sauce $8
Stock This Way! $15
(makes 15-20l deluxe chickUN stock)
Nooch- $12/lb
(about 5 cups, approx 1200ml volume. It’s Red Star IVF, the most nutritious) 

Soups, stews:

Thai-Style Deluxe mixed veg Curry: $12
Butter Mutter ChickUN: $10
Cream Of Mushroom Soup $10

Preserves: (all local natural/organic practice produce and organic sugar)

Spicy Dilly Beans 1L: $15
Strawberry Preserve with Orange Blossom 500ml: $15
TripleBerry Preserve 500ml: $14
Summer Squash Relish 500ml: $12
Jalapeño Jelly: $10


SLS , SLES, and Palm free natural handmade Soap is available in:

  • Lavender/Wintergreen
  • Litsea Cubeba/ Vanilla
  • YlangYlang/ Pink Grapefruit
  • Charcoal with Cooling Mint and Thyme
  • Champaka Flower (Nag Champa)

$6 ea or 3 different varieties for $15

Nourishing Lotion: $20 (16 0z / 400ml VALUE tub)
(YO! This lotion heals and repairs hands that have been washed to their breaking points. You will love it. Incredible, high quality, ethically sourced ingredients.)

Thanks so much in advance for your orders!