Do you want some special frickin dinner delivered on Feb 12?

Do you want some special frickin dinner delivered on Feb 12, which is just before the 14th for whatever reason that might be relevant to you?

We are making a lover’s meal for 1, 2, and 4 so you can pass on meals to and have meals with all the people you are bangin- er-loving! Or treat yourself to a slick dinner for one because you are hot and you want a sweet dinner for you, you hot hot emmereffer. Check out the beautifully laid out options here, and get ready to love your dinner!

We are always happy to deliver to others on your behalf, as long as each delivery meets the minimum $68 order and the recipient knows we are coming. :)

You will also be able to add some of our regular retail items to your order.

Special Dinner for 1: $40   For 2: $75   4gy: $144

We are happy to toss your salads for you, those are included! - but you need to choose some culinary foreplay. Or just look these over and see what one provides an initial spark:

Pulled PNOrk Crostini
Pulled PNOrk topping the eff outta crunchy toasted artisanal bread slice, thinly shredded veg and crunchy garnish.

Special Soup (GF)
It’s soup, so it is already wet but it also wants to be hot, so you have to warm it up so you can eat it. It’s a beautiful seasonal bisque with a special gourmet add-in garnish, plus hand made crackers.

Mini Charcuterie Board
Delightful melange of our originally smooth tube shaped firm and floppy vegan meat that we slice thin and arrange with cheeses, pickles, jellies that you can use your sumptuous mouthy hole to devour. Comes with crackers that NO ONE WILL KICK YOU OUT OF BED FOR EATING.

On to the main course already? How naughty!
Tell us what you consent to:

Pound it! 
Vegan meat POUNDED into tender and succulent Chicken Schnitzel with Scalloped Potatoes and Vegetable Side, with creamy sauce all over it!

Strokingoff? (GF)
Mushrooms Stroganoff all over scalloped potatoes, with vegetable side

Pron Star! (GF)
Seared Prons spread across sweet sesame ginger noodles loaded with seasoned shredded veg with a hint of anise! 

Nice Rack! (is ok to say in this case)
Rack Of Rybs, Mac and Cheez, Stewed Cabbage and Greens

Pick a way to finish off now, ok? It’s taking a long time and we have to work tomorrow:

Cream Pie (Napoleon Torte)
Layers and layers and layers of micro thin puff pastry saturated with thick, rich, vanilla condensed milk custard. It’s so Vanilla.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar With Preserved BC Cherries (GF)
Nanaimo/Peanut Butter Brownie Bar Hybrid with preserved cherry reduction and cherry pieces.

How To Order: 

Complete this order form. Keep track of your order cost and try to ensure it is above $68 to qualify for delivery. Pick up from our warehouse, with no minimum order, is also an option.

How Does Payment Work:
Invoices will be sent out manually, generally within 24-72 hours of your order. Payment can be sent via e-transfer to (preferred) or by credit card via a pay link on the invoice. Payment is expected within 24 hours of being invoiced. Orders may be cancelled if payment is not received in a timely fashion. (If you need accommodation, please reach out to us at

**For this round, invoices will be issued after January 8, when our admin helper returns.

Where We Deliver To:
We are delivering to Vancouver, North and West Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody, New Westminster, Maple Ridge, Richmond, Surrey, Delta, Ladner, and Langley. If you live somewhere not mentioned, feel free to drop us a line at We may be able to accommodate.

*There is a very small $4 delivery/fuel surcharge because of increased traffic and gas prices for deliveries outside of Vancouver THAT ARE LESS THAN $100.*

How Does Delivery Work:
Our drivers are out the door with your goods as early as 8am. Generally, delivery happens between 9am – 3pm. Please be mindful of our no contact delivery. In order to keep everyone a bit safer, our drivers don’t push doorbells or ring buzzers. The food comes packaged and bagged like takeout or groceries would be. We will happily drop food outside the main door of a building or in a box that you have set out for us. We can also do the two-metre shuffle where we put down the bags and then shuffle back two metres and you shuffle two metres forward and grab the goods.

Your delicious food will be delivered to you or ready for pick up, on Friday, February 12. There will be an email the evening before with further details.

Orders submitted after 6am on Monday, February 9, will NOT be processed. We want to feed everyone. We also need to give ourselves enough time to prepare all the awesome food.