New menu for delivery November 25!

Delivery of Prepared, Heat and Eat Meals is Back! Order for November 25th! You can also order our retail items!!

This week's menu is loaded with new meals and items, with some returning favourites! With all of the baking that happens this time of year, check out our new 1:1 butter replacement, BUT,UM,ER HOW - NO COW!! There are also some new soups and stews on board. 

We still have our seasonal items like Toorkie Cutlets and No-Ha(r)m Roasts, plus all of your favourite retail items.

Be sure to get your orders in by 6am on Monday, November 23rd for delivery or pickup on Wednesday, November 25th. Information about payment and our contactless delivery is at the top of the order form. Be sure to read those details.

If you have any questions about the ordering process, feel free to reach out to and we will be happy to help you out. You are also more than welcome to send feedback about the form to that address too. 

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NEW! SHEPPIEDIN: A slab of gourmet shepherd’s pie made with our ground meats, Tigerzord mash, and veg array with gravy and awesome veg/salad side.
NEW! APPLOFYRNUTS: French Toast with Apple and Candied Walnut Topping, with our delicious breakfast sausage, and real, dark, Canadian maple syrup.
NEW! ELPASTACOR: El Pastor style Tacos with pickled onion, fillings, and separate corn tortillas to scoop it all up!
ITS BACK! BENNSAN: Veggs Benny style sandwich with wack forest hamm, delicious hollandaise, potatoes, and fruit cup
NEW! EDASALFFS: Deluxe Edamame, Veg, and Glass Noodle salad with loads of fresh herbs
NEW! GRNPRONCUR: Thai Style Green Curry topped with Prons, served with Rice noodles.
IT’S BACK! CHIMAC: Cheddar Mac and Cheese with Chipotle PorkorNOT Nawsage Topping.
IT’S BACK! CHAMDIN: Cherry No-Ha(r)m Roast, Potato, Veg, awesome sides


The Holy Fuck! Ball returns! $6
MATRI: Classic Date and Orange Oat Bar $4
PCOB: Pear Cranberry Oat Bar $4
GRANOLA: 1lb bag of delicious deluxe handmade granola. $8

Locally crafted beverages:

GROWL: Awesome deal from our friend Dan at Culture Craft Kombucha $12
EXCLUSIVE FLAVOUR: Cherry Cream Soda Flavour!!

Our awesome regular line of items is also available for delivery!

Cheezy, Spready things:

Cheddah $12/$20
Tigerzord: $13
No-Harmesano $12

Meatish things:

Whole Damn Roast Toorkie: $36
Toorkie Cutlets (4 pack): $12
Whole Damn No Ha(r)m Roast (Classic or Dijon): $40
450g portion, sliced and glazed: $14
Whole Damn No Ha(r)m Roast Limited Edition Cherry: $43
450g portion, sliced and glazed: $16

BacUN: $12 /$20
BacUN Bits: $12
DAMN!Burgers: $12
ChickUN Cubevlaki: $12
ChickUN Cutlets: $12
Damn!Burgers: $12
Wack Forest Ham: $8
PepperNOni: $9
Texas BBQ Rybs: $10 or 2/$17
Mixed Ground Meatz: $10
Jackfruit/Seitan Pulled Poork: $12
Porkornot Nawsages, Chipotle or
Smokey Maple Breakfast style: $11
IMA V Franks: $8
Notrods, 2pc $6, or 3x2pc/ $16

Probiotic Foods, sauces, misc:

Kimchi: $12
Slavic Sauerkraut: $10
Woo! Sauce $8
Stock This Way! It’s Chick-UN Real!: $15 (makes 15-20l deluxe chickUN stock)
NEW!! Stock This Way- Where’s The Beeaph?!: $15 (makes 15-20L deluxe beeaph stock)
NEW!!! BUT,UM,ER HOW - NO COW!, 1 lb, $11 (1:1 perfect butter replacement- works in pastry, perfect for baking)
Nooch: $12/lb (about 5 cups, approx. 1200ml volume. It’s Red Star IVF, the most nutritious.)

Soups, Stews, and MORE: *SO MANY NEW CHOICES*

Gretchka Borscht: $10
Butter Mutter ChickUN: $10
Cream Of Mushroom Soup: *price increase to $12*
Orange You Glad? (Creamy multi-squash bisque): $10
Chick Pea and Mixed Veg Curry: $13
Deluxe Green Thai-style Curry: $15
Split Pea and BacUN: $13
Perfect Mushroom Marsala Gravy: $14


vBounty vBars: $7

Preserves: (all local natural/organic practice produce and organic sugar)

Preserved local cherries in vanilla syrup, pitted 1L: $20
Spicy Dilly Beans 1L: $15
Strawberry Preserve with Orange Blossom 500ml: $15
TripleBerry Preserve 500ml: $14
Jalapeño Jelly 250ml: $10


SLS , SLES, and Palm free natural handmade Soap is available in:

  • Lavender/Wintergreen
  • Litsea Cubeba/ Vanilla
  • YlangYlang/ Pink Grapefruit
  • Charcoal with Cooling Mint and Thyme
  • Champaka Flower (Nag Champa)

$6 ea or 3 different varieties for $15

Nourishing Lotion: $20 (16 0z / 400ml VALUE tub) 
(YO! This lotion heals and repairs hands that have been washed to their breaking points. You will love it. Incredible, high quality, ethically sourced ingredients.)

Head on over and place your order!