2021 December Holiday Meal!

Hi friends of PlantBase! We have once again created a lovely expansive holiday menu to take all the effort out of holidays or supplement your own lovely efforts. But this year is a bit different for us. It’s set to be a deciding, defining season for us moving forward.

This year we have faced more challenges than ever, and somehow managed to mostly limp through. Right now as this is posted, we are coming off an unplanned 5 week period where we were unable to produce a single item because our commissary moved and faced delays for all sorts of reasons that we had no control over at all. This is proving to be a layered, frustrating challenge. We know for certain we have an amazing fall winter season ahead, so that is our focus: to provide a 12th consecutive year of holiday feast perfection!

While we never would apply any pressure and only wish for the support that is reasonable for you, we need to finish this year with strong sales to be able to re-point and re-emerge in 2022. This is to try and make up for the hours that our dedicated staff missed, and the weeks of shortages that interrupted our usual process and cost us a lot more in loss than we are able to absorb right now. There may be a first-time ask of further support via an awesome campaign from us in the New Year, but right now, we want to focus on finishing the year with focus and resilience.

We’d love it if you ordered your Holiday Meal from us, make orders from the website toward your winter holiday celebrations, gift people our products, and just generally help share this amazing menu. If you’ve eaten it, you know that there is no better holiday spread as far as truly gourmet local foods goes!

Thanks so kindly for your support in the past and in the present,

David Isbister and the Team @ PlantBase 

If you are already familiar with the fabulous holiday menu that we put together and want to head straight to the order form, you can find it here. You can also order from our usual product offerings.

The ordering information can be found farther down this page. 

2021 December Holiday Menu

Check this feast out!! We drop it to you on the 23rd, ready to heat and eat in the next 4 days. You heat it, eat it, and ooh and ahh and so on.

All of the components arrive in family-style containers and are priced by the number of folks they will feed. While these are the only sizes available, you can purchase any combination of sizes to make it work for your gathering.

One Person Serving - $72
Four Person Serving - $268 ($67/person)
Eight Person Serving - $496 ($62/person)

The feast is the following four holiday bundles, rolled up into one giant meal! 

Drink Bundle: Neg Nog and Hand Mulled Cider

Appy Bundle: Legendary Holiday Snack Mix, Charcuterie, Cheese, Preserves, Special Raw Seed Crackers, and Side Ceasar

Main Course Bundle: Two types of roast! Toorkie Roast and Cherry No-Ha(r)m Roast, Four Bread Stuffing, Roasted/Mashed Tigerzord Potatoes, Mushroom Marsala Gravy, Roasted Buttery Hint of Lime Corn, Stewed BacUN Greens, Caramel Shallot Carrots, Dilly Green Beans w/Artichokes, Sweet Potato Marshmallow Casserole, and Cranberry Plum Chutney.

Dessert Bundle: Deep Dish Pumpkin Pie with Oat Crumble, Bite-Size vBounty vBar, and Neg Nog Ice Cream.

If you prefer, most of our holiday menu items can be purchased separately and added to your already awesome menu.


Chex Style Salty/Sweet Entertaining Mix - $12
Our legendary holiday snack mix. Separate salty/savoury and salty/sweet batches blended together to form peak excellence in a mix. 

Mixed Charcuterie - $50 for a four person portion, $99 for a ten person portion
A perfectly portioned, generous, gourmet mix of our cheezes, meatz, preserves, and specialties! Just open and serve or rearrange on finer dishes. You finish by adding your selection of bread, crackers, kohlrabi/cabbage chips, whatever! 

Main Components:

The Whole Damn Roast! Toorkie Style - $35 for 1.4Kg
This 3lb slab o’ Roast is easy to prepare and delicious! Comes with stock powder for delicious basting and serves at least 12! 

The Whole Damn Roast! Sweet Dijon or Classic flavours- $35 for 1.4Kg
This 3lb slab o’ Roast is easy to prepare and delicious! Comes with stock powder for delicious basting and serves at least 12! 

The Whole Damn Roast! Smoked Local Cherry - $40 for 1.4Kg
This 3lb slab o’ Roast is easy to prepare and delicious! Comes with stock powder for delicious basting and serves at least 12! 

Toorkie Rounds - $13 for 400g
The quintessential roast toorkie rounds. Harvest Herbs and light mushroom Toorkie Flavour. Pack of four rounds.

Sliced No Ha[r]m Roast - Classic or Sweet Dijon $15, Smoked Cherry $16 for 400g
Our juicy, succulent No Ha[r]m Roasts with your choice of basting stock. 

Four Bread Stuffing - $15 for ~1kg
We bake bread, grind nawsage, candy pecans, and cover it in stock, vegan butter, herbs, and bake all of it together until crispy and soft and chewy and perfect. You simply need to thaw overnight in the fridge, heat, and eat! 

Classic Mushroom Marsala Gravy - $16 for 1L
It’s the gravy that you need and deserve. It has wine in it so you know it’s good.

Roasted/Mashed Tigerzord Potatoes - $12 for ~800ml
Steam baked, par-mashed, cheezey, double roasted potatoes perfect for your holiday. Does it really get better than this? Serve it with our cranberry plum chutney and gravy for a complete flavour bomb!

Amazing, valid sides of dinner support:

Seared Buttery Lime Pepper Corn - $10 for 500ml
Caramel Carrots with Shallots and Roasted Pecans - $10 for 500ml
Green Dilly Beans with Peppers and Marinated Artichokes - $10 for 500ml
Stewed Collards, Chard, and Mixed ComplexGreens with BacUN in Jus - $15 for 500ml


Cranberry Plum Chutney - $12 for 500ml
Thick and specially seasoned to taste traditional and modern - an amazing mix of cranberry and other locally harvested sensations you will love! A gourmet cranberry sauce that will step it up!

Lefet - $10 for 500ml
Middle East style lacto-fermented rutabaga with garlic and bay leaf. Colourful, festive, and delicious!


Legendary Deep Dish Pumpkin Pie with Crumble topping - Half pie, six slices for $30 and a Full pie, 12 slices for $55*
Ask people about this pie. This pie will f*ck you up.
*Includes $5 deposit for glass dish you can keep or return in the new year.

Tropical Blondie - $6 
Coconut-loaded tropical marmalade, pressed, baked, and then dipped into white chocolate. 

Holy F*k Balls! - $6 
PlantBase Peanut Butter Things: PBPBTBT encased jumbo marshmallow enrobed in dark chocolate and rolled in a mix of salty nuts and pretzels.

Nutty and Seedy ULTRA RICH chocolate bark pieces, boxed

My Rosey Balls - $10 for four pieces
Galub Jamun-like treats.

Mixed assortment of desserts - $40


NegNog - $10 for 1L 
Thaw, then enjoy the divine richness that cannot be found in a store-bought vegan product.

Hand Mulled Apple Cider - $8 for 1L
Enjoy this lovely cider hot or cold or with a splash of whatever you might want to put in there!

We also have gift cards available on our website! Give the gift of compassion. Please let us know if you need a denomination that isn't listed.

How To Order:
- Complete this order form linked here.
- Order deadline is 12pm/noon on Thursday, December 17th.
- Orders submitted after this will not be processed.
- Keep track of your order total.
- Orders above $80 qualify for delivery.
- There is no minimum order to pick up from our commissary space.

How Does Payment Work:
- Invoices are sent out manually, generally within 2-7 business days of your order.
- Payment is expected within 24 hours of being invoiced.
- Payment can be sent via e-transfer to plantbasefood@gmail.com (preferred) or by credit card via a pay link on the invoice.

Where We Deliver To:
- We deliver to Vancouver, North and West Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, New Westminster, Maple Ridge, Richmond, Surrey, Delta, Ladner, and Langley.
- If you live somewhere not mentioned, feel free to drop us a line at orders@plantbasefood.com. We may be able to accommodate.
**There is a small $4 delivery/fuel surcharge due to increased traffic and gas prices for deliveries outside of the city of Vancouver THAT ARE LESS THAN $100.**

How Does Delivery/Pick-up Work:
- Pick-up is from our commissary space at 1205 E. Hastings Street, Vancouver.
- Pick-up orders are available:

  • December 23 from 11 am to 5:00pm
  • December 24 from 10 am to 1:00pm.

- Delivery will be on December 23, from approximately 9am to 6pm.
- There will be an email sent out the evening before with further details.
- Please be mindful of our no-contact delivery.
- Our drivers will generally call/text you when they arrive to let you know when to meet them at the entrance of your building.
- Please let us know if there are any special instructions for delivery.

If you have any questions about the ordering process, feel free to reach out to orders@plantbasefood.com and we will be happy to help you out. You are also more than welcome to send feedback to that address. 

Our Regular Product Line

Cheezy, Spready things:
- Cheddah 200g/400g $13/$20
- Tigerzord: $13
- No-Harmesano $12

Meatish things:
- BacUN Bits: $12
- BacUN: $12 /$20
- ChickUN Cubevlaki: $13
- ChickUN Cutlets: $12
- Damn!Burgers: $12
- IMA V Franks: $10
- Jackfruit/Seitan Pulled Pnork: $12
- Mixed Ground Meatz: $10
- Notrods, 2pc $6, or 3x2pc/ $16
- PepperNOni, sliced rounds: $9
- Porkornot Nawsages, Chipotle or Smokey Maple Breakfast style: $12 each
- Texas BBQ Rybs: $10 or 2/$17
- Wack Forest Ham: $8

Probiotic Foods, Sauces, Misc:
- Kimchi: $12
- Slavic Sauerkraut: $10
- Woo! Sauce: $9
- Stock This Way! It’s Chick-UN Real!: $15 (makes 15-20L)
- Stock This Way- Where’s The Beeaph?!: $15 (makes 15-20L)
- But'Er' Um How? No Cow!: $12 for 3/4 lb  (1:1 perfect butter replacement- works in pastry, perfect for baking)

Soups, Stews, and MORE:
- Butter Mutter ChickUN: $10
- Cream of Mushroom Soup: $12

- vBounty vBars: $8
- PlantBase Peanut Butter Things: PBPBT: $5 

Preserves: (all local natural/organic produce and organic sugar)
- Tropical Marmalade (jackfruit, pineapple, mango, pomelo): $15 250ml
- Whole Pitted Local Cherries, sweet and a hint of nice tartness!: $20 1L 
- Habenero & Sweet Pepper Jelly: $10 125ml
- Summer Squash & Sweet Onion Relish: $15 500ml

- Nourishing Lotion: $20 (16 0z / 400ml VALUE tub)
(YO! This lotion heals and repairs hands that have been washed to their breaking points. You will love it. Incredible, high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients.)