12th Annual EATCLUB December Holiday Meal!

Hi friends of PlantBase! Once again, we present a delicious celebration menu for all your winter feasts! Whether you choose to have us take the planning off your plate, or supplement your efforts, we are here for you with flavourful classics and new traditions. We're looking ahead to a year of major changes at PlantBase, but this is a time to look back and honour our roots: sharing delicious meals founded on compassion and joy. 
CLICK HERE to see the menu and order form! Choose from our complete holiday meal ready to serve up for one or a crowd, and our selection of individual savouries, sides, and sweets. As always, we also invite you to share your enjoyment by giving meals or individual components to your circles as gifts. We also have all the delicious products in our regular line. Take a look through the guide, and use the easy order form at the end.
This menu will be delivered on Friday, 23 December. Preordering is required. It comes ready to reheat and eat, with some possible thawing of select items needed overnight or a few hours ahead. Instructions also arrive ahead, and we get raves for the ease of preparation. See below for order and delivery details. Be sure to read everything for best results! We will work incredibly hard making you divine food. 
Your support has made this annual tradition possible for over a decade, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share it with you and everyone you love. It's an impactful, kind, and DELICIOUSLY sentimental spread. 

With our thanks and best wishes for a beautiful and bountiful season no matter how you are celebrating,

David Isbister and the Team @ PlantBase