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Vegan Orange ‘Jello’

I just had an excellent question from PlantBase friend, “David- how can I make Orange ‘Jello’ Vegan? is it possible?”

Yes it is! I use Agar Powder as a perfect substitute. Agar is a flavourless derivative of seaweed that is odorless and an excellent gelling agent.

To make a classic tasting Jello, just buy a crystallized orange drink mix, make an orange juice that has a bit of added natural sweetener or simple syrup, or use another juice or similar liquid. It needs to be something that can withstand boiling without flavour changes. Your imagination is the limit- almost any liquid can be gelled with agar.

Use 1 level tsp of Agar POWDER for every cup of liquid you have for a firm gel. First, take the powder and mix it into a 3-4 table spoons of cold water, and thoroughly stir, like you would with corn starch when adding to a sauce. Bring to a solid boil for 2-3 minutes, until you see the gelling effect begin. Add it to the juice, and stir briskly until well incorporated. Then use your usual moulding process as you would for a gelatine product (which is filled with dead pig intestines and stomach, and very processed) and enjoy!

To dilute the juice’s flavour less, you can use a bit of the reserve liquid to boil the agar, or simply make the liquid stronger in sweetness or flavour.

Pro tip: Add up to 50% coconut cream/milk, a dash of turmeric, orange blossom water, or orange extract to make a delicious creamsicle taste. Gels heavy on milk and fats may require more agar powder.