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Three Layer Whipped Foaming Shea Bath Butter

3 delightful layers, that all throw tons of luxurious foam for a bubble bath or a deluxe shower.
Pink: Lavender Coconut
Purple: Champaka Flower (Nag Champa)
Orange: Ylang Ylang/Grapefruit




That’s right. For four summers, I have been making one of the best natural sunscreens you can find with great value.

Made from a blend of low-spf natural oils like coconut, shea, hemp coupled with the very effective spf of non-nano zinc, I have made a safe, chemical free, nicely applying, long lasting SPF 30 protection that still allows you to get just a hint of colour if you want it. It is in a solid form, but spreads onto skin easily, and stays there as it nourishes and hydrates! Safe for children and adults. Compassionate, natural, unrefined ingredients.

Coconut with Floral Blossoms Soap

product-soap-coconut floralThis is a creamy, avacado oil rich bar that also packs mangoseed and shea into a delicious scent of coconut blossoms, orchid, and notes of light key lime.

Curcuma Ginger Grass Hand/Body Bar

product-soap-curcuma ginger grass

Apricot Seed Foaming Scrub for Face and Body *NEW*


This thing is SO AWESOME. It exfoliates and still cleans the skin with a mild cleanser, but is PACKED with kaolin clay, shea, avocado, coconut, and benzoin oils for incredible silken polish, and moisturizes beautifully. A must try.


2015-02-06-foaming apricot seed scrub

Atlaswood Cedar and Blood Orange with Anise and Cinnamon Creamy Shampoo/body Bar

product-soap-atlaswood cedar blood orange anice

Atlaswood Cedar and Blood Orange with Anise and Cinnamon Creamy Shampoo/body Bar

A great bar you can use as shampoo or body bar because it is mild and effective.