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Cultured Cashew Cheesecake

True Cultured Cashew Cheesecake. This one here is a special one as a birthday request. Roasted Coconut, Chocolate, Cashew and Date Crust, topped with coconut chocolate custard, salty sweet strawberry vanilla orange blossom preserve, and more toasted coconut. Some of the coconut has a tiny char on it to give so many levels of flavour! You can get a custom cheesecake (starting 8 servings up to whatever!) however you want it by advance order. These are hand cultured, so at least 5 days in advance is necessary, but sometimes I have plain slabs in stock as well. Ask me for what you like and I can quote you.

Hot and Sour TomYum Soup

Hot and Sour TomYum Soup- a Thai Classic! Fresh vegetables, yuba, wood ear, opo, vermicelli and guylan in a perfectly traditional and compassionate hot and sour soup base full of fragrant spices and fresh herbs. Only $10/liter.

The freezer is usually stocked with 2-8 different soup/stew/curry for consumption at your convenience.

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Pineapple Spiced Rum

Pineapple Spiced Rum “ham,” caramelized onion and potato stew. A little bit standard north American, a little bit Caribbean. So tasty! $12 a liter. Frozen. Lots more items on the way.

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PlantBase Sunscreen

Do you remember PlantBase’s awesome, effective, paraben/chemical free all natural SPF 30 sunscreen from last year? It sold out before August was finished but I will be re-upping the stock and it will be available for pre-sale at last year’s price ($18) before going to this year’s price ($21) which reflects the fact that whole unrefined hemp oil and other ingredients in some cases quadrupled (and more, ugh) in price….sigh. Still an awesome price when you compare to a usual price of up to 50 dollars for the same awesome ingredients. While the sunscreen does use carrot seed oil, coconut oil, and raspberry seed oil as a natural SPF protection booster, the true, measurable protection comes from non -nano particulate zinc oxide. I do not use titanium. Zinc Oxide at 315 microns and higher cannot absorb into the skin, and is not an irritant. Hypoallergenic, safe for young children, and effective coverage. Nourishing solid lotion base the rubs in just super! Has water resistance, a great light scent, and is made of whole plant ingredients such as Shea, Aloe butter, hemp oil, coconut oil, pure vitamin e.

If you want to pre-order (pre pay also!)for pickup in very early April, I will sell the first DOZEN units at last year’s price. It always goes fast.

*lip balm coming soon, salt spray back in stock! Get ready for the sun, friends! Message direct to pre-order or ask any other questions. Else it will move into regular stock very soon after completion!

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Vegan Bacon Available to Order

Cruelty free, Plant Based DELICIOUS “Bacon” sits here, awaiting the saturation of homemade “bacon” grease with pimenton and maple…you can get a 1 pound pre-sliced slab ready to pan fry right of the bag for $20, or a 3 pound value pack for $40. You gotta try it! Brilliant texture, taste, and cruelty free!

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Cooling Sugar Pumace Foot Scrub

Clears dry skin, makes feet feel loved and silky with Castor, Ricebran and Olive Oils! Lovely Spearmint floral scent.2015-05-09-footscrub