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Blueberry Preserve with Anise


*JAM FOR GOTHIC CULTURE* Just kidding, I have made this before and it is delicious, it just happens to look pretty black and badass. BLUEBERRY PRESERVE. Lightly infused with a hint of star anise and lemon, this tastes of deep, bold blueberry. This is a lovely soft spread, despite it’s badass exterior.

Old Fashioned Raspberry Preserve


Using premium, GIANT raspberries and unrefined natural cane sugar, I made you a basic but PERFECT raspberry jam. This will be popular, it is incredibly flavourful.

Strawberry Preserves


Local, organic practice(non-certified farm direct!), spray-free, and fresh picked strawberries with a hint of vanilla and orange blossom infused for a lovely soft spread preserve. Sweetened with whole dehydrated cane juice.