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Hot and Sour TomYum Soup

Hot and Sour TomYum Soup- a Thai Classic! Fresh vegetables, yuba, wood ear, opo, vermicelli and guylan in a perfectly traditional and compassionate hot and sour soup base full of fragrant spices and fresh herbs. Only $10/liter.

The freezer is usually stocked with 2-8 different soup/stew/curry for consumption at your convenience.

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Pineapple Spiced Rum

Pineapple Spiced Rum “ham,” caramelized onion and potato stew. A little bit standard north American, a little bit Caribbean. So tasty! $12 a liter. Frozen. Lots more items on the way.

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Indian Onion Bhaji

I recently noticed a 50lb bag of onions was only ONE CENT MORE than a 10lb bag and so I decided to not be a silly person and instead find a bazillion things to make. Here is but one of them: Indian Onion Bhaji. Like onion pakora. Along with sweet tamarind chutney, this is a delightful snack. I added red pepper, whole cumin and fennel seed, methi kasoori, (fenugreek leaves) and asafoetida to a 2:1 mix of chick pea and rice flour.

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