Secret Supper Pictures

Here is the “veggie volcano” I made you all for the EatClub Event this past weekend! It’s a layer of Rice, Seed, and Bean Biryani, A layer of Vegetable Jalfrezi, a layer of greens, a layer of Chole (Chana, chickpea) Masala, topped with a helping of Butter Schicken. Served with Imli (Tamarind Chutney), Mint/Cilantro/Coconut Chutney, and fresh made Naan!

The picture above is of the main. The first two dishes were: Opo (Bottle Squash) and Glass Noodle Pho  &  Jumbo stuffed Ravioli with Celery Perilla Cream Sauce

Hand made raised cinnamon nutmeg spice doughnut stuffed with pumpkin pie pudding, glazed with a thick maple frosting, and topped with hand made Caramel Sauce, my PlantBase Maple Fried Bacun, and served with a dollop of ice cream.


It was pretty darn delicious!

Photos by Chantell (IG @maryjanes_vegan_muff)

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