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Always more soup!

This is a lovely Potato, Sundried Tomato, Artichoke, Zucchini, and Fresh Turmeric Chunky Soup with Capers. It tastes like a delicious mediterranean marinated and roasted vegetable deli experience, so hearty! I have this and many other soups, stews and other stuff frozen for you ready to go if you ever just want to skip cooking and have nutritious and delicious food made by me! A liter of this is only 9 dollars, or buy a mix of items for less than that even.



Secret Supper Pictures

Here is the “veggie volcano” I made you all for the EatClub Event this past weekend! It’s a layer of Rice, Seed, and Bean Biryani, A layer of Vegetable Jalfrezi, a layer of greens, a layer of Chole (Chana, chickpea) Masala, topped with a helping of Butter Schicken. Served with Imli (Tamarind Chutney), Mint/Cilantro/Coconut Chutney, and fresh made Naan!

The picture above is of the main. The first two dishes were: Opo (Bottle Squash) and Glass Noodle Pho  &  Jumbo stuffed Ravioli with Celery Perilla Cream Sauce

Hand made raised cinnamon nutmeg spice doughnut stuffed with pumpkin pie pudding, glazed with a thick maple frosting, and topped with hand made Caramel Sauce, my PlantBase Maple Fried Bacun, and served with a dollop of ice cream.


It was pretty darn delicious!

Photos by Chantell (IG @maryjanes_vegan_muff)