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Food Porn Round Up – April 2015


Konjac Jelly Nigiri Sushi on Black Rice


Cheese, Pickles, and Cracker plate- all hand made.
Features a almond-crusted sundried tomato/cashew aged cheddar, a kombucha-cultured sharp Blue-type cheese made from pumpkin seeds and macadamia, with two types of raw cracker, crostini, cabbage chips, daikon, pickled sweet beets, and spicy beans.


Seitan Sausage link on coconut mashed potatoes, topped with spinach garlic cream, fried miniature potato wedges, braised cabbage and onion, and raw probiotic sauerkraut. Salad are basic greens in a pureed cucumber/dill dressing.




That’s right. For four summers, I have been making one of the best natural sunscreens you can find with great value.

Made from a blend of low-spf natural oils like coconut, shea, hemp coupled with the very effective spf of non-nano zinc, I have made a safe, chemical free, nicely applying, long lasting SPF 30 protection that still allows you to get just a hint of colour if you want it. It is in a solid form, but spreads onto skin easily, and stays there as it nourishes and hydrates! Safe for children and adults. Compassionate, natural, unrefined ingredients.

Kombucha/Cashew/Pumpkin Seed Cultured Cheese

This cheese has a nice sharpness, along the lines of a mild blue cheese or camembert. This recipe makes a delicious spreadable cheese, but you can also press it and form it into a wheel or brick if you like. I made it for a catering order this past weekend and it went over well! Here is the basic, easy recipe:

1 cup of soaked raw cashews (unsoaked for a firmer cheese)
1 cup of raw pumpkin seeds
1/2 cup of live (raw) kombucha (you can buy it, personally I make mine)
1/2 cup nutritional yeast
2 T fresh lemon juice
1 t sea salt
1 tsp ground black salt
4 T fresh herbs (optional- I like a bit of rosemary, some dill, and basil )

Add all dry ingredients into a power blender, ( I use a Vitamix) and process until a fine meal forms. Add liquid ingredients and process into a smooth, uniform paste. Use a spatula to scrape the cheese base into a ceramic or glass bowl. Cover with a linen, towel, or plastic wrap with a couple of small slits for venting, and allow to culture at room temperature for up to three days. Taste the cheese for desired culture, and keep refrigerated once the delicious taste you are after is attained. You can also substitute rejuvalac for kombucha for a milder taste.

This cheese is delicious served on raw dehydrator crackers of any sort, but goes very nicely with flax seed crackers.