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Apricot Seed Foaming Scrub for Face and Body *NEW*


This thing is SO AWESOME. It exfoliates and still cleans the skin with a mild cleanser, but is PACKED with kaolin clay, shea, avocado, coconut, and benzoin oils for incredible silken polish, and moisturizes beautifully. A must try.


2015-02-06-foaming apricot seed scrub

Sweet Zesty Pickled Beets

Traditional style, spiced with nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, coriander, in an apple cider and natural vinegar brine with whole cane crystals, and some thin shaved onion in each jar. Some jars have some bonus cauliflower pieces.


Atlaswood Cedar and Blood Orange with Anise and Cinnamon Creamy Shampoo/body Bar

product-soap-atlaswood cedar blood orange anice

Atlaswood Cedar and Blood Orange with Anise and Cinnamon Creamy Shampoo/body Bar

A great bar you can use as shampoo or body bar because it is mild and effective.

Lime & Litsea Cubeba Hair Spray


Hand formulated chemical free lime/litsea cubeba hair spray. Great hold and versatility.

This hair spray is layerable for extra firm hold, or just use a light mist to smooth flyaways and still have flexibility. Fresh scent, now in an great sized 260 ml bottle in solid black microtextured glass.

Vanilla with Litsea Cubeba Hand/Body Bar

product-soap-vanilla litsea cubeba

A lovely warm vanilla scent as the main note with the light citrus-like compliment of Litsea Cubeba. Makes the bar have anti-acne and anti fungal properties, naturally. Added Coconut oil and Apricot Kernel oil with Kaolin Clay give lustre and moisturizing as you wash.

Palmarosa Citrus Soap

product-soap-palmarosa citrus

Palmarosa, Jamarosa, Lime, Grapefruit, Lemon, with Chamomile, cranberry fleck, and coloured a beautiful peach colour using only turmeric. Added Avacado Oil and Shea Butter to nourish.