PlantBase Ear-to-the-Ground Stretched Ear Salve

PlantBase Ear-to-the-Ground Stretched Ear Salve

Yep. I know it is a niche product, but I have made a specialized PERFECT gel/oil salve for the maintenance and treatment of your stretched ears.

Made with neem, coconut, avocado, jojoba, argan oils, loaded with rich butters of Mangoseed and Shea. Low temperature combining with stearic acid to gel the oils together, I also add pure vitamin E, and the highest possible effective percentage of lavender essential oil, jamarosa, and curcuma.

Everything is there to support stretched skin, injured skin, blowouts, even helps soften and reduce hypertrophic tissue while keeping it ready to stretch or comfortably stable to maintain. Cures chapping almost instantly. Also good for intensely cracked skin, calluses- also a great heel or foot cream, but use it on your stretched ears and have an easier time!

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