Beard Oil


My brand new beard tonic is not run of the mill carrier oils you find in other beard oils. High quality, whole, organic oils of perilla, castor, rice bran, and coconut with argan and raw hempseed oil. Essential oils of Litsea Cubeba, Peppermint, Gernaium, Frankincense, and Star Anise add a perfect complex of softening and strengthening, and impart a lovely fresh scent.

Perilla is renowned for conditioning and antibacterial/antifungal properties, and will keep the skin beneath your beard settled and free of break outs. Castor oil has been used on beards since Classic Greece, prized for its viscosity and hydrating properties. Rice Bran adds lustre, coconut oil adds shine, and argan and hempseed add a massive array of nutrients and beard food.

Can also be used as a shaving oil for those who can’t handle soap or foaming products.

HUGE NEW 110ml bottle is very long lasting.

It will make your beard better, or your shave more comfortable, guaranteed.


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