Recipe and Tips for Delicious Milks


Home made almond milk is easy, and QUITE healthy. Any other seed, nut, grain you might want to try is likely to work as well. I like almond milk and oat milk, I just made this almond milk today.

Start by soaking 1 cup of almonds in lots of cold water the night before you want to make milk. I just throw a double recipe’s worth into the fridge with generous amounts of water to soak in, and then it will be a couple minutes to whip it up the next day.

I used a Vitamix blender and processed my nuts (*hee-haw*) together with up to three and a half more cups of water along with two soaked dates until quite smooth. For a thicker, richer milk for cooking, use less water. For an everyday use similar to commercial milks, add more water. Then, I used a nut milk bag to strain out the pulp which I will dry out to make almond meal, muffins, dehydrator crackers, etc! You can even leave the pulp in, but it can be a hint mealy.

1 cup soaked raw nuts, seeds, or other “milkish” grains
up to 3.5 cups of cold water
2 or three soaked dried dates.
(dates optional, just makes it slightly more silky, and adds a hint of sweetness)

Makes right around one litre, depending on your preferred taste.

Tips: if using a food processor, grind the almonds and dates to as fine a pulp as you gradually add water so it stays as granular and as blended as possible. Try variable speeds and pulsing at first to keep the pieces even in size, and continue to work those nuts (*YOWZA*) into paste.

adding a tiny drop of coconut oil to the almonds being processed can help make them grind a bit better if using an appliance that is not as powerful or less reliable. Add a tiny amount of oil if you choose to before the water is added.

dates: soaking a dried date is easy. just fit a couple into a little dish and add just enough warm water to just cover them. They soften very quickly. *Soaking them longer makes it easier for less powerful appliances to process.

straining: a jelly bag, a nut milk bag, fine cheesecloth, nylon mesh, any of these would work well to strain out your nut milk (*AA-oo-ga!*)

To make two litres of milk, I needed 2 cups of raw almonds, about half a pound. In East Vancouver, I can find almonds at about 5.50 dollars a pound, but often cheaper in bulk or on sale. Together with dates, the cost is no more than 2.90 for two litres, or 1.45 per litre. While it is not uncommon to find commercial milks at 2 dollars a litre, more often they are 2.49 per litre. I saved up to a dollar a litre, and I had leftover almond meal, which to buy the same amount of in say- the Bob’s Red Mill brand- would cost about 5 more dollars! Hooray!

And that has been a bunch of ways it is awesome to make your own milk. And also this one here made of seeds or nuts I told you about.

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