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Candles – New & Classic


I now stock 8 varieties of Ecosoy Slow Burning Mason Jar Candles with hand blended fragrant/essential oils. All materials certified vegan, pthalate free, organic source soy, hand crafted, coloured and finished. Specialized wick, amazing scent throw.

Each type of candle is numbered so you pick your favourites from these great selections:

1. Lavender Wintergreen
2. Plumeria Citrus
3. Candied Coconut
4. Black Blood Orchid
5. Lemon Cream
6. Nag Champa (Champaka)
7. Vanilla Butterscotch Custard
8. GreyBlue (Cool Water)

PlantBase Ear-to-the-Ground Stretched Ear Salve

PlantBase Ear-to-the-Ground Stretched Ear Salve

Yep. I know it is a niche product, but I have made a specialized PERFECT gel/oil salve for the maintenance and treatment of your stretched ears.

Made with neem, coconut, avocado, jojoba, argan oils, loaded with rich butters of Mangoseed and Shea. Low temperature combining with stearic acid to gel the oils together, I also add pure vitamin E, and the highest possible effective percentage of lavender essential oil, jamarosa, and curcuma.

Everything is there to support stretched skin, injured skin, blowouts, even helps soften and reduce hypertrophic tissue while keeping it ready to stretch or comfortably stable to maintain. Cures chapping almost instantly. Also good for intensely cracked skin, calluses- also a great heel or foot cream, but use it on your stretched ears and have an easier time!

Beard Oil


My brand new beard tonic is not run of the mill carrier oils you find in other beard oils. High quality, whole, organic oils of perilla, castor, rice bran, and coconut with argan and raw hempseed oil. Essential oils of Litsea Cubeba, Peppermint, Gernaium, Frankincense, and Star Anise add a perfect complex of softening and strengthening, and impart a lovely fresh scent.

Perilla is renowned for conditioning and antibacterial/antifungal properties, and will keep the skin beneath your beard settled and free of break outs. Castor oil has been used on beards since Classic Greece, prized for its viscosity and hydrating properties. Rice Bran adds lustre, coconut oil adds shine, and argan and hempseed add a massive array of nutrients and beard food.

Can also be used as a shaving oil for those who can’t handle soap or foaming products.

HUGE NEW 110ml bottle is very long lasting.

It will make your beard better, or your shave more comfortable, guaranteed.


Vegan Orange ‘Jello’

I just had an excellent question from PlantBase friend, “David- how can I make Orange ‘Jello’ Vegan? is it possible?”

Yes it is! I use Agar Powder as a perfect substitute. Agar is a flavourless derivative of seaweed that is odorless and an excellent gelling agent.

To make a classic tasting Jello, just buy a crystallized orange drink mix, make an orange juice that has a bit of added natural sweetener or simple syrup, or use another juice or similar liquid. It needs to be something that can withstand boiling without flavour changes. Your imagination is the limit- almost any liquid can be gelled with agar.

Use 1 level tsp of Agar POWDER for every cup of liquid you have for a firm gel. First, take the powder and mix it into a 3-4 table spoons of cold water, and thoroughly stir, like you would with corn starch when adding to a sauce. Bring to a solid boil for 2-3 minutes, until you see the gelling effect begin. Add it to the juice, and stir briskly until well incorporated. Then use your usual moulding process as you would for a gelatine product (which is filled with dead pig intestines and stomach, and very processed) and enjoy!

To dilute the juice’s flavour less, you can use a bit of the reserve liquid to boil the agar, or simply make the liquid stronger in sweetness or flavour.

Pro tip: Add up to 50% coconut cream/milk, a dash of turmeric, orange blossom water, or orange extract to make a delicious creamsicle taste. Gels heavy on milk and fats may require more agar powder.

Russian/Ukranian Comfort Food


Three types of piroshki: caramelized onion and mashed potato, and a tradition with a twist: home made almond meal feta with roasted cauliflower, served with spinach garlic dipping cream. Third type is filled with strawberry jam and vanilla pudding!

Nut Meal Sundried Tomato and Herb Feta Pate


I just made this by collecting up the pulp that I strained from my home made nut milks, drying it out in the oven, and turning that into meal. If you don’t do all that, you can buy almond meal, and other nut meals. Also called nut flour. OK? Here’s what you need to make two delicious wheels of cheese pate like I have pictured here, like i made it:

3/4 cup each of hazelnut and almond meal
(you can use just almond for a whiter, true-to-feta’s look type cheese.)
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1/8 cup fresh lemon juice
1/8 cup red wine vinegar
1 tsp of red wine or cooking sherry
3 Tbs. olive oil
.5 tsp sesame oil
1/2 tsp salt ( Black Salt tasted amazing here!
1/4 cup non-dairy milk
2 -4 tbsp of nutritional yeast, to taste.

Optional: 1 tsp each of greek oregano, basil and parsley flakes with .5 tsp of rosemary. Finely chopped sundried tomatoes at about 1/4 cup are also delicious!

What to Do:

Preheat oven to 350.

Combine all of the above in a blender or food processor until a smooth, heavy, moldable batter. If the cheese is too wet, add a bit more nutritional yeast and almond meal. The optional ingredients are stirred in after this step.

Shape into a ball, divide into two, and shape into cute little wheels about 1.5 inch thick, and place on a parchment lined baking sheet. You can also use a silicone baking mold. Bake for 20 minutes until lightly browned and lightly cracked on the outside and allow to cool before slicing and serving.

Quick and easy, and holy damn is this delicious!