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Texture Spray For Hair


Do you love beach waves style sprays, or salt sprays? This will do that! This versatile texture spray is made of all natural, organic, and plant/mineral ingredients. Apply a little to wet hair, blow dry and scrunch for all over texture, or whip into dry hair for volumizing boost. Just try it. There’s a tiger in the background. Right?

Many other chemical laden sprays like this are double, triple the cost.

Shaving Cream

2014-12-21-shave-cream-homemadeMy richest, most luxurious hand made shaving formula. Suds huge, lasts a long time, smells great, and leaves skin conditioned, smooth, and softens the hair/whiskers for the closest shave. Fresh Lime with Wintergreen with calming Cajeput and Rosemary make for a lovely scent suitable for any spectrum of gender identities. Lathers massively with a puff opt brush, but can be used easily as with hand applying.

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask


Made with real Rare Dead Sea Mud, Green Clay, and Organic Hemp- this mask is a deep and intense application suitable for all skin types, but especially effective on oily t-zone or over productive skin.