Lebanese/Mediterranean style Pickled Rutabaga

What to do with Rutabaga, part two!

2014-10-03-pickled rutabaga

RECIPE! quick and easy! Ever go to a falafel place and just LOVE those pickled pink turnip/beet pickles? Here is how to make an authentic, delicious, fast prep version that are tangy and addictive!

*recipe makes about 2 one litre jars. Use glass containers for curing/fermenting only.

3 large rutabagas, peeled and sliced into french fry sized pieces
1 medium beet, same prep as above, perhaps slightly thinner to spread the colour around in the finished product.
2 cloves of thinly shaved garlic

mix the above ingredients together so the beets stain the rutabagas, and the garlic is evenly mixed into the chopped root veggies.

1 cup of distilled cider vinegar or natural distilled white vinegar
1/3 cup of coarse kosher salt
3 cups of lukewarm water
2 bay leaves
6 whole coriander seeds
3 whole peppercorns

Heat half the water after adding the salt, spices, and bay leaves. Stirring often, bring to a full boil. Allow to cool, and remove the bay leaves. Add the rest of the water and vinegar, and your brine is ready. Put about a centimeter of lukewarm brine into each jar you will be filling, and pack the pieces of vegetable in firmly, but do not cram them or compress them into the jars. You might turn the jar on an angle and shake the pieces lightly into place. Once full, top the jars up with brine so that all vegetable pieces are submerged BENEATH brine, and set the loosely covered jars in a cool dark place to finish for one week. You can check the pickles at day 4 to see if they are tangy or still very salty tasting. The goal is a tangy pickle with a nice presence of salt. After a maximum curing/fermenting time of 7 days, put the pickles in your fridge and use within 3 months, but I guarantee these won’t last that long. Or heck, you can buy them from me.

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