Vegan Version of McMuffin

YUM, Like a McMuffin, only made with NOT garbage! This delicious little breakfast sandwich is so delicious. It’s a slice of tofu marinated in worcestire, tamari, stock, and barbecue sauce, fried up along with a thin smoky portobello disc, topped with cheese, salsa and mayo, and toasted up real nice! A delicious breakfast, brunch, or snack item, and easy.



  1. goldfish says:

    A couple of cautions. Worcestershire sauce often contains anchovies. Mayo is generally made with eggs. Also, cheese. This is boderline vegetarian, let alone vegan.

    • As a definitely very experienced, dedicated ethical vegan who does not believe in or use animal products EVER, I use Wizard’s brand VEGAN worcestshire, and I either make my own (VEGAN) mayo or use VEGANaise. This comment is borderline a lot of assumption, but I get where you might worry, since vegans should speak for animals. 😉 The cheese is Daiya VEGAN cheese. Omni foods do not own those names,(as a recent failed unilever lawsuit against a vegan mayo company proved, lol) and I use the classic terms to describe the general flavours or type of food item it is by how people will know it. I should have given more detail overall but your comment allows me to!If I had posted the recipe you would have seen the vegan hardcore! 😀 Thanks so much for watching out for animals!

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