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Blueberry Preserve with Anise


*JAM FOR GOTHIC CULTURE* Just kidding, I have made this before and it is delicious, it just happens to look pretty black and badass. BLUEBERRY PRESERVE. Lightly infused with a hint of star anise and lemon, this tastes of deep, bold blueberry. This is a lovely soft spread, despite it’s badass exterior.

Old Fashioned Raspberry Preserve


Using premium, GIANT raspberries and unrefined natural cane sugar, I made you a basic but PERFECT raspberry jam. This will be popular, it is incredibly flavourful.

Vietnamese/Cambodian Style Buddhist Lunch.

Left: Mushroom/Seitan Pork Dumplings with broccoli, carrots, ginger, shallots, lemongrass, and sesame.
Middle: Lotus Shoot, Bamboo, Carrot, Perilla, Basil, and Cabbage Salad with Sweet fish sauce on organic greens.
Right: Grilled “Oyster” infused Lemongrass Tamari “Fish” Filet.


Vegan Version of McMuffin

YUM, Like a McMuffin, only made with NOT garbage! This delicious little breakfast sandwich is so delicious. It’s a slice of tofu marinated in worcestire, tamari, stock, and barbecue sauce, fried up along with a thin smoky portobello disc, topped with cheese, salsa and mayo, and toasted up real nice! A delicious breakfast, brunch, or snack item, and easy.


Strawberry Preserves


Local, organic practice(non-certified farm direct!), spray-free, and fresh picked strawberries with a hint of vanilla and orange blossom infused for a lovely soft spread preserve. Sweetened with whole dehydrated cane juice.

Gluten Free Vegan Bird’s Nest Cookies

These are bird’s nest cookies (gluten free, for a lark) made with my first batch of STRAWBERRY JAM of the year. I have a bit more to do this weekend (peach, raspberry, blueberry, and some candied cherries) and then I will begin offering it all for saleā€¦:D It will be great to have the taste of summer around in the winter!