Citrus Vanilla and Chocolate Mint Lip Balms

product-lipbalmMy BEST lip balm ever! I refined my recipe to make it silkier, smoother, and to last WAY longer than other balms. Using all natural vegetable butters, (mangoseed, coconut, and virgin organic shea) oils,(hemp, avocado, rice bran, apricot kernel) and waxes, (carnauba, candelilla) and ONLY pure essential oils and organic flavour extracts. A little bit of sweetness comes from Stevia Herb. Will hydrate, heal, soothe, or maintain lovely soft lips. Features a huge blast of pure vitamin E in every balm!

Two varieties, now available in limited edition repurposed steel mini-pots!

Light Citrus Vanilla is pictured at left. Toasted Cocoa and Soft Mint is pictured at right.

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