Vegan Chocolate Easter Bunnies

This easter, choose a chocolate bunny, not an impulse purchase of a critter with social and personal care needs. If you do want a bunny, ADOPT, DON’T SHOP! Where? well-
I just finished up a WHOLE BUNCH of solid chocolate and filled chocolate bunnies for Bandaids for Bunnies, this awesome group of rescuers and animal advocates. They are going to sell these delicious confections and I am going to keep pumping them out and sell them as well so we can help somebunny be some bunny!

Bandaids for Bunnies Website


These are some lovely treats I have for sale ahead of Easter. Fine Belgian chocolate, hand made fillings, kids favourites, hiding pieces, solid and crispy rabbits, filled giant pralines, rabbit mask lollies, and more! These will be ready mid to end of week before Easter- April 15 through 19. Message direct on Facebook to order


2014-03-08-chocolatebunny1 2014-03-08-chocolatebunny3

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