Winter Desserts

Two delicious flavours of Bird’s Nest Cookie- YUM! Blue Berry or Strawberry Jam in a sweet nutty biscuit nest! These are a same day thing if you ever need them!




* also nut free (has coconut), and is low glycemic – using only dates and coconut sugar for EPIC sweetness and caramel-y goodness!

Crust: ground flax, soft dates, coconut oil, cinnamon, sea salt, sunflower seeds and coconut dust. Molded into a glass pie dish and filled.

Filling: Ground Sunflower seeds, figs, and chia seeds drenched in coconut sugar and home made oat cream Caramel, Poured and stirred through freshly cut pink lady and golden delicious apples.

DAMN. SO good for you, but tastes like it isn’t at all! YUMMMMMM!

*2 day advance preorder. 2 sizes. Keeps for 3 days from creation, but it won’t last long. Great for those with diabetes, common tree nut allergies, gluten free, and anyone who likes TASTY STUFF!

A little side view of a slice of caramel apple pie. RAW. Low glycemic. CARAMELLY AS HELL. Flax crust.


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