PlantBase Natural Product: Daily Facial Cleanser

product-cleanserPlant Base has made a frickin’ RAD daily facial cleanser that is cleansing and gentle for almost every possible skin type. A lovely balance of organic olive pomace-based mild cleanser, aloe vera leaf gel, distilled water, kaolin facial clay, pure vitamin e and the skin polishing and refreshing madness of Quebecois Organic Lavender, Grapefruit, and Wood Resin oil which results in a WONDERFUL smell and skin-pampering goodness. Packed in a green glass bottle with product conserving pump dispenses a teeny but ample bit- because it foams HUGE and goes far, thanks to the oil-controlling and hydrating properties of Koalin Clay adding slip and silky feel.available in a 100ml green glass bottle for $12. Lasts a very long time.

You can refill that bottle again and again for only $8 after you find that you love it!

*product is natural and has no chemical emulsifiers or unnecessary ingredients. It is normal for the product to separate, but it is easily fixed by shaking the product slightly before use.

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